Supporters' Club Q&A with Stuart Davies & Kingsley Jones

On Thursday 18 August 2016, the Dragons Official Supporters' Club (DOSC) held their first 'formal' event at Rodney Parade, with an evening's Q&A with Stuart Davies and Kingsley Jones.

The event itself afforded the DOSC the ability to directly question Stuart & Kingsley with some of the points and observations made by the Supporters, and for the Region to provide the attendees with insight into the Region's progress, both on-field and off-field.

Kingsley Jones briefed the Supporters on the Team's pre-season work, the integration of new signings, and the efforts being made with regards to the playing style for the coming season.  Kingsley confirmed that intent was to develop the team's stye to complete more passes, increase tempo, and try to play more risk-reward Rugby.

Stuart Davies provided a brief on the ongoing efforts with regards to the future ownership of the Region, and the level of interest being generated towards a future sale of the Region.

Post completion of this Q&A the DOSC ran through the findings of the recently completed Supporters Survey, and confirmed that the priorities for the DOSC's efforts in coming weeks would be aligned to the findings and recommendations made by the Supporters Body.