A good level of response to the Dragons Supporters Survey

A survey has been developed to gather the pre-season thoughts from the Dragons Supporters.  The survey has been released via the DOSC Twitter and Facebook sites and will also be sent to Dragons fans via the region's regular ezine publication shortly. Have your say at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/55MH2B6

We value your feedback and plan to act on, or have already acted on, some excellent practical suggestions that have been made including:-

- 'Group away travel would be very good. Also having a supporters club members area for pre-match drinks.'

We are currently in talks with the region over a DOSC member area within the WFAC marquee and will send a further update when we have finalised the details.

- 'Consolidate the social media approach via Facebook, Twitter and (what was) Dragged Up plus any new website so that same information or route for us to ask information from NGD is available on any/all platforms.'

We have streamlined our social media accounts to just one Facebook Group and one Twitter account, with both accounts being used to push announcements made from this site. All posts will also be made to Dragged up, whose founder has kindly allowed us to keep running going forward.

- 'Try to get a schedule of events for matches, especially away games if there is to be arranged group travel'

A list of games that we would like to arrange away travel to has been drawn up and we will announce our plans with regards to away travel in due course.

Thank you again to all those who have taken the time to complete the survey. Here's to a good season for the Newport Gwent Dragons!