Match Day Supporter Initiative - SUFTMOG

The DOSC continue to engage with the Region on Supporter based initiatives and improving the Match Day experience.  With an aim to fostering a more intimidating atmosphere for away teams, and delivering an increase in vocal support to the Dragons we are in discussions with the Region with regards to how best to use the final few minutes prior to the away team coming out onto the pitch for kick-off.


The concept in question is whether a rendition of "Stand Up for the Men of Gwent" during the period (when the Away Team are in the tunnel waiting to come out onto the pitch) would help create this atmosphere prior to kick off.  

The Region have a recording that can be used over the tannoy to initiate this rendition of the song over the PA system, or this prompt for the Supporters could be completed by a slide on the Big Screen.  

A Supporter review is therefore required to understand a) whether the Supporters feel that the rendition of this song would be a good idea to generate this atmosphere pre kick off, and b) if the PA system or the screen should be used to notify the Supporters of when to commence the song (away team in tunnel).