Supporters Q&A - Blues Fixture

In order to ensure the needs and expectations of the Dragons Supporters are taken into account for the upcoming end of season fixture with the Cardiff Blues, which is scheduled to be moved elsewhere across the Region, the DOSC will be holding an open meeting with Dragons Supporters. 

This meeting will take place downstairs (The Cwtch) in Tiny Rebels, Newport at 8 pm on Weds 22nd Feb.  We'd encourage attendance for us to be able to discuss the situation itself, and ensure you have the opportunity to provide the DOSC with your thoughts and ideas for how best to deliver this Fixture from a Supporters perspective. 

These discussions will then form a key part of the future meetings the DODC will be holding with the Dragons in the coming weeks, to ensure the needs of the Supporters are taken into consideration, and influence the planning process accordingly. 

The situation, and the circumstances that has led to movement of the fixture, is obviously a concern for a number of Supporters, however with the decision now made,  it is critical that we work together with the Region to make this event as successful as possible, and make the event itself as memorable and enjoyable for all of those involved.