Dragons' Pre Season Fitness Assessments

Prior to the Dragons players being afforded a week long break to recover from the gruelling pre season conditioning sessions that Bernard Jackman and the team had been putting the lads through, a Friday afternoon fitness assessment was completed for the whole Squad.

The test was a variation on a Multi-Stage fitness test, with cones laid out on the pitch, and the Players expected to reach certain cones prior to an audible 'beep'.  As the test progresses the time between the beeps decreases, and therefore the Players have to run quicker and quicker, as the stages move on.  The level achieved is then recorded for each player, as a method of measuring and monitoring their cardiovascular levels through the season.

The Players carried out these tests in groups, allocated by positions, so firstly the backs, followed by the front row players, and then back 5 forwards.  The process was managed and monitored by the Head of Strength and Conditioning Ryan Harris, who has been responsible for leading a number of the Conditioning sessions that we've observed on our visits to training this Summer.

The test itself built into a sprint by the end, with already fatigued Players having to push incredibly hard to get up the pace.  The effort on show was exceptional, especially considering the conditions on the day.  All the players pushed themselves to the limits, and without exception performed very well, and within their respective groups Angus O'Brien, James Thomas and Elliott Dee all had enough in the tank to just outlast their peers.

Hope the guys have a great week's break, they have undoubtedly earnt it..